Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Shield of the Center for Fawkesian Pursuits Ready once again! It is a depiction of our crest logo showng the holy relic of Garnet's straw going up in the flames of bonfie! On the top there will be fireworks!  Posted by Picasa
Who are those strange figures in the distance? Posted by Picasa
Michael Jackson waits for his Jesus juice! Posted by Picasa
Of course the pope looks wonderful in his tiara! Posted by Picasa
Martha "Stuart" always in high fashion on her pole.... Posted by Picasa
Katrina swirls around.... Posted by Picasa
Four goulish figures to greet! Posted by Picasa
The new light reveals figures in the back garden.... Posted by Picasa
Torches are ready for inspection and re wrapping... Posted by Picasa
rocks stacked in fire pit ready to go...sump is on the right note red soil from 20 years of fires... Posted by Picasa
Plutonic rocks from the Patapsco river tributaries are cleaned and ready to stack in the pit! Posted by Picasa
Pit is dug dirt is in to wheelbarrows ready for quick dumpping in over the turkey over the hot rocks so there is no chance for cooling! Posted by Picasa
Margaret digs out the sump in the corner so that the ashes can fall in when rocks are dusted off before cooking. Posted by Picasa
Margaret assists digging out the fire pit. Posted by Picasa
Special ale from England! inspected by Pete! Posted by Picasa
Bonfire Boys inspect special ale sent from Hastings in Sussex, England. Jeff Posted by Picasa
The Torches are ready! Posted by Picasa