Thursday, February 09, 2012

Important Announcement

 I would explain our transition from community event to the mode of family style backyard celebration and consultancy.  I will not be inviting the general public- no invitations. No open house....etc....
This is not a retreat but a transition- the family Fawkes celebration is just as important as the large public event.
The experiment ran for almost if not 30 years!
It went off safely each year! Amazing.
Our run-ins with the law were more amusing than tragic.
We educated hundreds and hundreds without grant funding in the rituals of Guy Fawkes Bonfire.
This decision is primarily based upon old age. My wife can no longer help me lift the load, my daughter is not helpful and it has been most difficult to raise a sense of community- a problem both here and in the UK. I will gladly welcome the development of alternative celebrations elsewhere and will consult with organizers- but beware i am a stickler. I thank each and every one who has contributed to the success of these events over the years. It has been important and fun.- Conrad Jay Bladey, Senior Citizen Peasant