Friday, November 03, 2006

Our new keg system-no more beer gone bad! Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome to the preparations for Bonfire 2006. We will hold this on November 4 all are welcome free....402 Nancy Ave. Linthicum, Md. 21090 USA....This is our shield- it features our logo- Garnet's Corn  Posted by Picasa
Rocks that will be used to cook the 38 lb turkey in the earth oven! Posted by Picasa
Guy 2006 an american guy! Posted by Picasa
This year Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 21, 2006

How to refurbish torches!This is an old torch- after second use. It would probably burn well enough but it would also shed little bits of flaming sacking which would not be so good. So we refurbish them by putting 3-4 turns of new sacking over the old- enough to cover it. An easy process especially if you can get a few together to enjoy the session. Not hard-so lets begin!.... Posted by Picasa
Only a few simple tools are required. Most important is plenty of beer. I use roofing nails because they have big heads. If refurbishing go for the longer ones. Invest in sturdy wire as the fire will render thin wire useless. One can easily get 3-4 uses out of good wire. For sacking use natural jute burlap. No synthetics. Posted by Picasa
Snip off the old wire at one of the two nails and unwind. Do not remove old sacking. Posted by Picasa
Once the wire is removed wrap the sacking around the torch tightly be sure that the top end does not have sacking flopping around it needs support. Posted by Picasa
Once the torch is wrapped with the wire tightly making sure that loose ends are held down hammer in one roofing nail about half way in then wrap the wire around it two to three turns and hammer the nail the rest of the way! Easy! Posted by Picasa
Now! Thats a Torch! Cheers! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A week or so ago Hastings Borough Bonfire society had its bonfire.....Hastings, England. It is burned on the beach. Concentrate on the area between the two wooden circles at center left. (Eventually the pile is faced with wood and decorated. This photo shows how it is constructed.) Posted by Picasa
If you look to the center you will see a piece of wood with black writing! That is our wood! Hastings Burough Bonfire Society exchanges a piece of wood with us each year. A place of honor!  Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

The magnificent new metal firepit structure! No more burning corner posts.... Posted by Picasa